The Love Local Holiday Campaign

Peterborough & the Kawarthas Chamber of Commerce

For many of us, nothing started off the holidays like getting that 20-pound Sears Wish Book delivered to our doors. You could spend hours flipping through the pages. Either looking for holiday gift ideas, or dog-earing pages for your parents to find. Hoping this was the year you get that new bike. Once you saw that book in your mailbox, you knew the holidays were on their way.

The Peterborough and the Kawarthas Chamber of Commerce would like to recreate that feeling again this year, but with a twist. It will all be online, and it will feature all local businesses.

Shop all season long during our Love Local Holiday campaign!

From November 17th to January 7th, you can visit the Love Local Holiday website ( and cruise through a directory of Chamber Member products and services. This online Wishlist will showcase and promote local products/services for all your gift-giving needs, allowing you to check everything off your list.

On top of our Wishlist, there will be a Love Local Auction. Utilizing the ShopCloseBuy platform, we are building an online auction full of local products and services for bidding.  The auction will run for 12 days beginning November 17th and ending on November 30th.

The Chamber’s Love Local Holidays platform will help consumers find the best gifts this holiday season. But it is also a way to support our local businesses. Every time you support a local business you are supporting a family in our area. You are contributing to the local economy. You are helping our community. 

‘Feel like a big deal’ this year and be a love local champion.

This holiday, whether you are shopping for someone you love, or for yourself, remember to visit the site and support our local businesses. Happy Love Local Holidays!