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Summer Delight

Delight is something we, collectively, could use a little more of. It is much easier to look around and notice the negatives around us, but life would be a bit sweeter if we made space for simple pleasures, and if we took the time to notice them.

Do you remember the lesson as a child, to complete all your daily chores before you could be free to play? On one hand, it makes sense that this was taught to us— tend to the foundation of your world so that you can more thoroughly enjoy the building blocks of fun & play, but this lesson doesn’t translate into adulthood in the same way.

The childhood list was likely much simpler than the list you’re facing each day you wake up in adulthood. If your to-do list looks anything like mine, it’s saddled with tasks that simply cannot be accomplished in twenty minutes after breakfast (bathroom reno, weed 5 flower beds, pay down the credit card, anyone?) And so we blindly follow the old wiring, keeping our head down until the point we can ‘truly relax’, when all the work is done.

What follows, is the growing hunger inside that we pacify with things less than healthy for us, but what if we met each day with the challenge of finding at least a single moment for delight?

A simple summer memory that brings me so much joy, is coming in from having worked in the garden with my mom when I was just wee. The process involved a bath before supper, and a simple mac & cheese dinner while watching tv, and now my adult version of this simple delight is just a taste more mature— a hot bath after working in the garden and homemade mac & cheese while watching a movie with my own fam.

What would delight look like for you in your daily summer life?

Jacquelyn Toupin is a birthkeeper & intuitive healer supporting women to evolve into their truest selves. You can follow along on her Instagram @the.art.of.mothering