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Summer Vibes

Birchview Design

There is nothing quite like summertime in Ontario; especially in cottage country! The long hard winter is quickly forgotten, and the hot sunny days and breezy evenings settle in and make us feel rejuvenated.

Although most of us can agree it’s too short of a season; we know how to make the most of it! Creating the perfect outdoor oasis to relax with family and friends is one of the best ways to fully enjoy the summer and maximize the length of the season. Read on for a few BDI tips on how to get started!

The Perfect Plan

When designing your dream outdoor space, answering some critical questions will help determine a direction for your layout. What do you plan to use the space for? How many people do you ideally like to host? Do you have pets or young children? Will the direction of the building impact the views? What permits are required for your area? Thinking well in advance of lifestyle choices and building requirements will help with spatial planning, and ensure you will end up with exactly what you want; skipping any unwanted surprises.

Beautifully Blended

We always opt for materials that blend into the surroundings to really make your outdoor space feel like it belongs. Source permanent materials such as stone or wood as local as possible so that they look like they could have come from your own backyard, and aim for products that have an overall outdoorsy-organic feel. Fresh fabrics of linen or cotton and neutral tones of soft whites and warm browns blended with blues or greens are timeless choices. Don’t forget to always add in a plant or two!

Materials that meet the Mark

Just as important as selecting materials that suit the outdoor space, is ensuring that these materials stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor living. Selecting permanent finishes that can handle the yearly yo-yo of high humidity summers to frigid winters is key. Although furniture and textiles should be stored away out of season, it is still important to choose materials that can handle the hot sun, stormy winds, humidity and dampness that come with our warmest season. Considering who is using the space is important as well, as children, pets or wild party-goers may require opting for more durable materials.

Invite Only

To keep unwanted guests out, elevate your building a step or two up off the ground, and consider planting herbs or flowers (such as lavender, mint or basil) to help defer certain creepy crawlers. Retractable screens (which appear at a click of a button) are a fantastic option for full protection when desired, without permanently losing any views.  Add an oversized fan for optimal airflow, and you are all set to make the most of your summer space!

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