A Step Back in Time

Lang Pioneer Village Museum

Can you imagine a time when there were no cars or electricity? Clothing was all handmade, often hand spun and dyed first. The only way to communicate with friends and relatives from away was through hand-written letters or making a long journey to visit in person. To purchase something from the store you would make a trade with goods like eggs or butter. Like all of Ontario, this was Peterborough County just two centuries ago. It was unlike the world of the 21st century in many ways.

At Lang Pioneer Village Museum, you can relive history and experience what life was like 200 years ago. The 25-acre site is host to over 30 historic buildings and recreates a 19th century hamlet. Costumed interpreters introduce you to the people, trades and events that have helped shape local history as you visit homes and businesses from 1800 to 1910. At Aabnaabin Camp, discover the history and culture of the Michi Saagiig Anishnaabeg who first occupied the land and were impacted by settlement. Watch the tinsmith and blacksmith at work, smell cookies or biscuits baking in a woodstove, watch as wool is spun on a spinning wheel, or even carry water using a yoke and bucket yourself.

Step back in time and enjoy an entertaining and educational day of exploration in the 1800s this summer at Lang Pioneer Village Museum. The Museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday from Father’s Day to Labour Day.

Lang Pioneer Village Museum also hosts a variety of special events throughout the summer and fall. From tractors and antique cars with the Father’s Day Smoke & Steam Show and Transportation Day Antique & Classic Car Show, to celebrating the harvest with Corn Roast and Applefest, there is an event for everyone! The village even comes alive in the evenings with Village by Lantern Light, Historic All Hallows’ Eve and Christmas by Candlelight. Be sure to visit the Museum’s website for event dates and details:

It’s where history is happening!