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Cheers to Winter!

Birchview Design For our fourth and final season of the year, we are pulling inspiration from our Scandinavian pals, and

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Getting Your Dog Outside This Winter

Getting your dog outside in the winter for work and play is good exercise and lots of fun, it also

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Chic Chalet

Christmas in the Kawarthas, what a wonderful time of year we have to look forward to! Once the colourful display

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De.Kor Lighting Boutique

When we moved into our new/old house, the first thing we changed along with the paint colour, was the light

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Fall Season in The Kawarthas

As the busy summer season comes to a close, it doesn’t mean the fun stops. Many Canadians look forward to the

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Living in Black & White

I adore working with black and white. This is a shape-shifting motif that’s capable of portraying a variety of personalities,

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