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Is a Gaggle of Geese Causing You a Gaggle of Issues?

If you have a shoreline property and are having issues with Canada Geese and the amount of droppings they leave

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The Importance of Using Native Plants Along Your Shoreline

Having a shoreline buffer – a strip of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials on your property along your shoreline –

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The Importance of Leaving Natural Habitat Features

Leaving natural habitat features is a sure-fire way to improve the health of your shoreline and lake as well as

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Septic Systems They may be out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind!

Maintaining your septic system is your responsibility! Follow these helpful tips to make sure your septic system keeps functioning properly. 

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Shoreline Lighting

Just How Much Do We Need? Who doesn’t like the sight of a beautifully lit pathway, a gazebo lined with

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Why Naturalizing Your Shoreline is Vital to the Health of Your Lake!

Many Canadians put a lot of effort into creating their lush, green lawns. It’s often a labour of love that

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