Add Some Herbal Spice to Your Life

What was commonplace and second nature to our ancestors has become a knowledge and understanding deeply desired by many now. Knowing herbs and their place in the apothecary and kitchen is an old wisdom being reborn, which brings with it uncertainty and potentially a lack of confidence in these realms. 

If you want to add more botanicals into your life but are unsure where to start, why not look to the kitchen? With warmer weather here we have lots of opportunities to add just a dash of herbal spice into our lives. Many of our favourite and beloved culinary herbs also boast some impressive medicinal properties as well. Take thyme for example. Delicious on potatoes and steak, but did you know it helps to support your digestive and respiratory systems while also fighting viruses?  Rosemary is another culinary friend with an impressive medicinal tract record. Supportive of the adrenals, circulation, and digestion, we could all use a little more rosemary in our lives. 

From herbal salts and compound butters to infused cooking oils and vinegars, adding more culinary herbs into your life is a simple and effective way to get to know these plants on a deeper level. This summer venture out into the gardens, play with some simple kitchen remedies and stock those apothecaries with some herbal spice. 

Correne Omland, Clinical Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner

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