Water Fun

Water is an integral part of summer fun. Sure, there will be swimming and beach days, popsicles, and warm rain showers, but water can also be the main ingredient in lots of summer activities. Below are a list of things you can do to use

water as a summer boredom buster.

Mermaid Foam

You’ll need:

• Dish soap

• Food Colouring
(purple, blue, green)

• Water

• A bin or basin

• A blender (with adult permission, of course!)

Fill your blender halfway with water, and add a couple of squishes of dish soap along with some food colouring, and whiz it up until your blender is full of coloured foam. Pour your foam in your bin, and rinse out the blender. Repeat with all the colours, being careful that when you pour the foam into the bin, to tip the bin to the side first, to ensure that your previous colour will move over making room for the next stripe of coloured foam. You can add cups and scoops to play in your mermaid foam, or just play in it with your hands. Experiment with different colours and amounts of food colouring to really get the most out of this activity.

Water Painting

You’ll need:

• A cup of water

• A paintbrush

• An outdoor, sunny surface

This is a great way to enjoy some low-key minutes outside. Simply paint designs ‘til your heart is content on your deck or front step. See if you can race to finish your picture before the sun dries it up. Challenge a buddy to a speedy game of tic tac toe, you guys against the sunshine. The best part is, there’s no cleanup afterwards!

Sponge Darts

You’ll need:

• A sidewalk or pavement

• Sidewalk chalk

• Sponges

• Pails of water

Draw a target on the sidewalk, a solid, small bullseye in the centre, with 2 rings around it. Decide how many points each section will be worth. You can play alone or challenge a friend to get as many points as you can by tossing your wet, heavy sponges at the target and tallying your points with sidewalk chalk beside you. It’s a great way to have fun and stay cool. When you’re done, you can use the rest of your water to get your willing counterpart wet.

Jacquelyn Toupin is a birthkeeper & intuitive healer supporting women to evolve into their truest selves. You can follow along on her Instagram @the.art.of.mothering