Mac and Hollister

Meet our alpaca, Mac and Hollister – two of our newest residents at Riverview Park and Zoo! Alpaca are native to South America, found in high mountain plateaus. They are related to camels but have no hump. 

Alpaca have long slender legs, small heads, long thick necks and a prehensile split upper lip. Their large eyes are expressive and make these animals appear curious and inquisitive. The alpaca is about one-and-a-half metres tall, with a tail measuring 20 – 25 cm, and weighs between 40 and 60 kg. Alpaca have straight ears, differentiating them from the banana-shaped-eared llama. Alpaca are raised so that their fleece can be shorn year after year. Their fur has over 20 natural colors from a pale almost white to the darkest black. 

Alpaca are herbivores, grazing on a selection of perennial grasses, trees and shrubs. Here at the zoo the Alpaca get a diverse diet of grass, hay, leafy greens, tree browse and veggies. You can adopt Mac or Hollister or any of our other animals here at Riverview Park and Zoo through our Animal Adoption program. It makes a great local gift for a loved one this holiday season and comes complete with a photo, certificate, and fact sheet about your adoptive animal. 

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