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Heritage Blooms

“The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The MacDonald family welcomes you to 3333 Hwy 7 Norwood, where they have curated the most colourful, blissful, pick your own flower farm. To witness the dazzling blooms as the sun sets behind row upon row of luscious dahlias, zinnias, straw flowers and sunflowers (to name only few) is something out of the movies; brilliant pinks, yellows and luscious neutral tones all blooming at once are a true treat for the senses.

Claudia MacDonald and her husband Ben along with their 3 kids had dreamed of owning a farm, and in June of 2021 their dream came true with the purchase of 96 acres. The main purpose for the land was to raise sustainable grass-fed cattle and have a farm store, they called it Heritage Cattle Co.

Claudia, an artistic soul and avid painter, wanted to bring beauty to the farm; something that would compliment what they already had – but mainly something that would exercise her creativity.

When Covid hit and Claudia found herself homeschooling her kids, she knew she needed to create beauty. That’s where the flowers came into play, she started them indoors (with no greenhouse to speak of) and as a family they built 12 no-till flower beds.

“I’ve never been known to have a green thumb, but I have a school background in Biology and a love for nature and pretty things.” Says Claudia.

As with their farming practices it was important to refrain from using harsh chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Cardboard, good soil, rainwater, organic compost to replenish nutrients, chickens to aerate and fertilize, and honeybees to pollinate are the powers behind the blooms.


Summer one arrived  and they had so many flowers that they couldn’t keep up with them! Not wanting the blooms to go to waste, the farm opened to the public and Heritage Blooms U Pick was born.

“That summer, we saw how much people were craving connection with nature and coming to the farm. People smiled when they were in the gardens. It all made sense…” says Claudia.

This summer the MacDonalds invite you to join them on the farm with plans on running their arranged bouquet roadside stand beginning in July, and opening the gardens for U pick for the month of August. Flowers can be picked by the bucket, or by the cup – and you are encouraged to bring your own bucket for transport home.

On evenings when the gardens are not open for picking, photographers are welcome to book photo sessions amongst the magical blossoms.

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