Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Sometimes our family gets together to build a snowman. The grownups have to help because someone has rolled a snowball far too big to carry, and we all have to work together. Other times, my kids will make rows of the tiniest snowmen you’ve ever seen!

If you can’t make it outside to explore today, try these ideas below to give you some snowman joy.

Thumbprint Frosty

4 White paint 4 Construction paper

4 Markers 4 Rag or paper towel

Dip your thumb into the white paint and press it onto the paper. Too much paint will leave a blob of white paint with no fingerprints, so try to use a light amount of paint and maybe do a practice run on your rag or paper towel. Make a thumbprint for each snowball stacked up. The hardest part is just waiting for the paint to dry. Once it finally dries, use your markers to draw cute little faces, stick arms, buttons, hats and more.

Marshmallow Snowman

4 Regular size marshmallows 4 Graham cracker

4 Pretzel sticks 4 Chocolate chips

4 Orange candy (1/2 m&m works nicely) 4 Some icing

Stack your marshmallows on each other and stick ‘em together with icing. The graham cracker acts as the base of the marshmallows so they don’t fall over. Stick your chocolate chips on as eyes and buttons and add your orange ‘carrot’ nose. Poke the pretzel sticks in as arms, and then you have a cute little snowman…until you eat him.

Q-Tip Snow Picture

4 White paper 4 Black marker

4 Orange Paper 4 Blue or black paper

4 White paint 4 Q-Tip

Cut a circle out of your white paper to be the head of your snow dude. Glue it on the bottom of your picture. Cut out a triangle nose out of the orange paper and glue it on his face. Use your marker to draw a mouth ‘made out of coal’. We made our snowman looking up at the falling snow. You can make yours any way you’d like. Now you’ll dip your Qtip into some white paint and dot little snowflakes all over your picture like falling snow. A wintery masterpiece.

Jacquelyn Toupin lives with her family in a heritage farmhouse that has been in her family for several generations. You can follow her on Instagram @my.sacred.wild