100 Years of Food

Coboconk Chamber of Commerce

Our area is full of rich history, and delicious food! Have you ever wondered how some of our favourite restaurants started out?

One of the most well-known restaurants in the area, The Pattie House, has been a community staple for almost 150 years. Built in 1873 and operated by John and Sarah Keys, The Pattie House was originally named the Keys Hotel. After John Keys’ death in 1879, Sarah remarried John Pattie and the hotel was renamed to Pattie House Hotel – or Pattie’s Hotel. Patrons came by train and stayed for only $1 per night. Being the only establishment in the area with a liquor License, Pattie’s Hotel became a bustling summer hub. Today, the Pattie House now stands as a welcoming restaurant with incredible homestyle flair – and Kawartha Dairy ice cream, too! The upper units now house tenants, and the legacy of the Pattie House lives on.

The Riverside Inn is another historic building. Built in 1923, the Riverside Inn started off as another restaurant with rooms for rent. The Inn did not have a liquor license when they first opened their doors, but there are rumours that in the early days, if you said the right code word, you could get a bottle of alcohol hidden inside a loaf of bread. Today, it stands as another bustling family style restaurant -now with a liquor license – and hosts many events. The Riverside Inn was even featured on the popular show You Gotta Eat Here in 2016!

There have been many new businesses introduced to our communities throughout the years. From places like M’s Bake Shop and Becky-Jo’s VoVo Fried Dough that will satisfy your sweet tooth to a plethora of food truck with their own unique twist. From family-run spots like Rosie’s Dockside Bar & Grill to fresh ingredients from Riverbank Pizza, our communities are ready to welcome you with open arms and delicious food. 

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by Katrina Bartley 

Credits For the photo: Top – The Pattie House 2022

Bottom left – Keys Hotel circa 1870s

Bottom right – Pattie House Hotel 1896