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Tacking New Tools onto Your Tackle Box with Pro Angler Mike Williams

As fishermen we tend to get stuck in our ways, always using the same bait,  fishing the same lakes, and hitting the usual spots.  We have our favourite lures and our secret  little honey holes which always seem to produce for us – and that’s OK.   But when conditions change or we find ourselves on a new body of water the old faithfuls don’t always come through for us and because of that we find ourselves struggling to catch fish.  Before this happens to you, I challenge you to try something different this season; switch it up and add a few more tools and techniques to your tackle box of tricks.  Here are some tips to help you with this.

1. If you are mainly a shallow angler, try fishing some deeper areas and vice versa. 

2. If you find yourself fishing the same type of baits all of the time, get to your local tackle store and pick up something new and different.  The staff are usually very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to talk fishing and explain how to use their products or recommend the hot lures and latest techniques.  

3. You can find some good information from videos on the internet or pick up some fishing magazines and research different techniques you’d like to try.  

4. Go fishing with a friend or somebody new who may be able to teach you a different style of fishing. 

5. Hire a local guide with knowledge and experience to show you new tactics and teach you how to fish a different way.

6. If you have never tried targeting a different species, try!  It may help you or give you a different perspective when fishing your home lake.

All these tips will help you expand your abilities, broaden your horizons and make you a better, more well-rounded angler no matter the obstacles you face.   You will find yourself being versatile and able to recognize when things aren’t going your way – you will be more apt to switch it up and make adjustments more quickly. Remember you will always have your old faithfuls to fall back on as well as these new tools in your tackle box.

Hope this article helps put more fish in your boat – cheers and tight lines!!

Mike Williams, Williams Outfitters
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