Nature Mobile

This is 100% a use-what-you’ve-got kind of craft. It’s like a treasure hunt on display.

You will need: nature items, string of your choosing, possibly craft wire and small accents and accessories like beads or buttons.

  1. Go for a nature walk and gather up beautiful bits of bark, pinecones, bottle caps, beach glass, feathers and any other interesting pieces.
  2. Choose the perfect piece of drift wood, a beautiful branch (smooth or with textured bark), or even a grape vine wreath to make a sturdy base from which to suspend your treasures.
  3. Gather up whichever type of string you have. Fishing line creates an optical illusion that your items will be hovering without a visible chord, jute or raffia will add a neutral, earthy feel, while yarn in any colour will bring a pop of excitement. Use what you can find!
  4. Decide roughly how many strings you will suspend from your base. Keep in mind that you’ll want the weight to be somewhat balanced when you hang your finished product. Snip to the desired lengths.
  5. Begin to string your nature items. Feathers can dangle beautifully from the very ends, while bits of bark can be tied into the centre. Things like glass and stones can be wrapped with wire or string and then threaded onto your project. If there’s a handy adult around, small slices of wood could use a hole drilled into them. Use your imagination and be creative.
  6. Add in any other objects you may have around your home for an extra bit of whimsy, like buttons, gems, or beads.
  7. Suspend from the top of your project with, you guessed it, more string!
  8. Enjoy your personalized creation without overthinking the process. Notice how it’s different than mine and from others (if you’re making this with anyone else!) no two alike; just like people.

Jacquelyn Toupin lives with her family in a heritage farm house that’s been in her family for several generations. You can follow them on YouTube @oldfarmnewfarm or on Instagram @raisinghay