Kids, Don’t Forget to Write to Santa before December 10th to Get a Letter Back!

There’s room for everyone on the Nice List at Santa’s Office this Christmas!  

Santa has Postal Elves who are ready to help Santa answer letters each year.

There are 3 important rules to remember when sending a letter to Santa:

Make sure to include your full return address. Santa may know where you live, but his postal elves need this information to deliver your letter!

 Santa really loves to read about children’s favourite sports, jokes, school activities or family fun (even if Mom and Dad help with the writing). And, of course, he loves to get pictures and drawings from even his youngest pen pals!

 Send your letter soon. December 11 is the last day to mail letters to Santa (it’s a long way to the North Pole and back!).  Letters mailed after December 11 may not receive a reply before Christmas, so remind the kids to get on it!

Santa’s address:
H0H 0H0

Courtesy of the Elves at Canada Post