Easter Pom-Poms

First of all, you could easily accomplish any of these ideas with some simple dollar store pom poms, but have you been acquainted with the simply joy of making a pom pom yourself? You can easily knock out a stack of the little fluffy gems while watching a movie or listening to an audiobook or it would be a simple craft to take on a long trip.

You’ll Need:

  Yarn of varying colours


  A fork

Here’s our tried-and-true method:

1) Wrap your yarn of choice around the prongs of a fork. This step involves a bit of trial and error, but wrap a little more than you might think to get a nice, fluffy pom pom. 

2) Next, snip the yarn from the remainder, and then snip a separate piece of yarn about the length of your index finger to your thumb.

3) Tie the piece of yarn through the centre space of the fork, around the wrapped yarn and double knot it tightly.

4) Snip the wrapped string on both sides of the fork where it has made a loop and any pieces that are too long.

5) Relish in the simply joy of your homemade pom pom.

Pom Pom Garland

A long piece of string would be a convenient way to use up all of the poms you’ve just made throughout the duration of a long movie. Thread the string through the centre of your pom poms, spread them out evenly, and hang to enjoy a rainbow of fluff.

Pom Pom Hair Ties

Use a second piece of yarn to tie over top of the existing string in the centre of your pom pom and tie it to a hair tie, cutting free the remaining yarn. When styling your mini space buns or pigtails, use matching pom pom hair ties to finish your look.

Pom Pom Sling shot

Alright, if I’m going to teach you how to sling fluffy balls of string, you’re going to have to agree to be responsible and respectful! Okay? Please use a consenting target, like one you draw on a dishwasher with an erasable marker. Place your pom pom in the mouth of the plastic spoon, gently pull it backwards, and launch that thing to hit your bullseye, not any unsuspecting passersby. Promise?

Jacquelyn Toupin is a birthkeeper & intuitive healer supporting women to evolve into their truest selves. You can follow along on her instagram