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De-Icers for Canadian Winters

R&J Machine has been designing and manufacturing quality waterfront systems for over 46 years.  Their manufacturing facility in Lakefield has a showroom that is open year ‘round and carries a selection of dock accessories as well as Kasco de-icer products and oscillators.

The Kasco de-icer products can be used during the winter months to keep an area of water open. “De-icers push warm bottom water to the surface creating an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other in-water property. They help protect fish and aquatic species, by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water.” – Kasco

It is always important to be cautious of where you install a de-icer unit to ensure it is not an area where there are winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing or skiing and always mark the area with clearly visible signage.  Temperature and timer controls can also be installed so that the de-icer unit only comes on as needed and for shorter intervals to save on electricity costs.

During the summer months the Kasco de-icer can also be used in conjunction with a manual or electric oscillating unit to clear weeds or stagnant water bodies.  The de-icer is used as the fan head and attaches to either a manual rotating pole or an electric programmable oscillating unit.  These units can rotate up to 360 degrees to loosen weeds from the lake bottom. These units can be attached to the side of a dock, boathouse or can be attached to a freestanding bottom unit.

Please visit rjmachine.ca to inquire more about de-icer and oscillator units, or visit their showroom.

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