Spring at Johnston’s

Regional Experts of Annuals, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs: Ever wondered where the blooming flower baskets in downtown Peterborough, Lakefield and

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The Magic of the Multitasking Garden

As the cold darkness of winter sets in, you will often find me by the fire, browsing seed catalogues, dreaming

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Bring the Outdoors In!

It is a wonderful design trend to bring the outdoors indoors.  We do it all through the warm months, so

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Griffin’s Greenhouses Plants That Protect

Nature offers us so many great natural defences to the things that bother us. There are few pests more bothersome

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The Tooth of the Lion

Do you ever wonder about the origins of some of the most common plant names? As our society moves away

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Garden Tour

Over ten years ago several local garden business owners got together to discuss a marketing idea –  working together to

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Garden Teachings

Narrow Your Focus   Seed catalogues, tea, and a cold winter’s night make for some beautiful dreams. Lists of vegetables

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Protecting your Cottage Legacy: Planting Smarter Not Harder with Native Species

Hi there! Vern Bastable here, Director of the Ecology Park Nursery. We are your trusted source for a broad selection

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Seasonal Plants All Year

Several varieties of flowers are produced just for this season; most of these indoor flowers are meant to be one-and-done

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Beyond Beleaf!

We don’t think much about them – the green blur of the forest which forms the backdrop of our daily

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